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Trust Me, I'm Cool To Drive

Road beers This episode was supposed to come out like a month ago but life happened, so this is pretty much a lost episode

Are Italian Americans Mad Now?

Happy Indigenous People's Day, even though I still have to go to work

Dearest Mr. Sandman, Please Bring Me A Dream

Remember That X-Files Episode When Those Dudes Couldn't Sleep Anymore?

The Guestening 2

On the second installment of The Guestening Ashley Thompson from the Smut and Spice podcast comes on to talk about guilty pleasures.

(Insert State Name) Strong

Maryland is the best state in the multiverse

I Have Been Caught Off Guard

It would appear that you have found me with my pants around my ankles

Lace Up Your Boots

There is nothing better than walking around looking at stuff

What Am I Doing With My Life?

From here on out, I'm gonna get it together

Come Fly With Me

Imagine how insane it would be to actually read other peoples' minds

In The Car I Just Can't Wait

Be honest, do you like my stupid hair?

Happy Labor Day, How Can I Help You?

This could been a cool holiday if, you know, America was cool https://thehatening.transistor.fm/

Thanks For Letting Me Crash Dude

You won't even know I'm here https://thehatening.transistor.fm/

This Is Y'alls' Captain Speaking

Is anyone actually in the mile high club? https://thehatening.transistor.fm/

What Even Is A Serving Size?

The war on carbs rages on https://thehatening.transistor.fm/

Play Nice

"Yeah, It's good to see you too buddy" (rolls eyes)

Hold On Let Me Make The Post Shareable

How long should I wait before I add that hottie we met last night?

Let Me Pencil You In

Hold on let me check the calendar that's in the kitchen where I organize my entire life

Yeah I Got A Girlfriend, But She Lives Out Of Town

How long would you drive, on the regular, for some loving?

Today Was Not Only A Good Day, But The Best Day

Nothing will ever be better than this, so why bother

Yo What's Up Jealousy

Look, I'm just saying, when y'all hangout I feel like ....

No Running

Y'all better wait like 30 minutes or whatever before you jump in

On The Low End Of The Dial

17th caller will get free tickets to the annual chili cookoff this weekend


Everything was so much easier before catfish

Put Your Sister On The Phone

Hold on real quick I got someone on the other line

The Hatening