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Fresh Ink

It’s so funny that tattoos used to be such a big deal

Karate Adult

I legitimately want to take a martial arts class on edibles

Yo Come All Yee Faithful

Finding religion later in life sounds wild


It’s time to get rid of the folks that harsh our mellows!


You ever wonder what it would be like to be a teen in today’s world?

Story Time : You Suck

Ever wonder what would happen if I was really physically close to a professional athlete in an airport?

Story Time : A Hero is Born

Come hear about how there was once an arson incident on my street 

Story Time : My Final Destination

Would you like to hear about the scariest thing that’s ever happened to me at work?

Story Time : Where Should I Look?

Today you get to hear about my first time going into a very busy locker room

Story Time : Plan B With a Side of Fries

Here’s a story about the people I was spending time with when I moved back home after college

Story Time : Maybe I’m Just Hungry

Here’s a story about a buddy having a really bad time

Story Time : A Titanic

Here’s a story about starting your day in the winter

Story Time : Cup Switcheroo

Here’s a story about a pretty intense game of beer pong

Story Time : Sierra Blanca

Here’s a story about how I’m probably a cannibal

Story Time : My House of Cards

Here’s a story about an interesting bathroom break at work

Story Time : Bigfoot

Here’s a story about how I saw bigfoot in highschool

Story Time : The Second Coming

Here’s a story about one of my returns to college after a holiday break


Don't look now, but you'll never guess who just showed up

Oh, You Got Another Dog?

Man, did you see how big the cat got?

Black Tie

Go on and throw on something nice, we're going out tonight!

You're A Really Good Friend

Here, let me give you a hand (even if it gets annoying)

Goodbye 2022

let us have a look back at the previous year, shall we

Jumping Off The Wagon

Sometimes you just end up being wasted for like a week

The Hatening