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Jumping Off The Wagon

Sometimes you just end up being wasted for like a week

Welcome Back

It's nice to talk to you again

Spring Break

i couldn't decide between a spring breakers joke and a squidbillies joke

Drowning In Tupperware

I'm cooking 5 pounds of veggies right now, literally, as I'm uploading this episode. For real. I'm trying to be better about this.

Take The Cameras Off Me!

When people stop being polite and start being REAL!

Politically Speaking

Look, all I'm going to say is ...

Potty Mouth

The edited version of "Word of Mouf" by Ludacris is a work of art, for real

Bling Bling

I'm going to rob the jewelry store and demand that they craft me a grill

10 & 2

dripping stains when I switch lanes

Don't Buy That Stuff

The only power we have as consumers is our spending power

Lemme Tag This Real Quick

I wonder what my cool graffiti name would be

Its So Big

I've been delivering stuff for like half a decade and have never been offered sex for my services, contrary to so many adult entertainment storylines

Go Out There and Play With Your Friends

its way too nice to be sitting in front of that computer

Get A Real Job

Wearing a suit and tie everyday sounds exhausting

Who Wants To Be Not In Debt?

What would you do with a million dollars?

We Can Knock This Out Tonight

I've missed school and work because I would rather continue to watch a show

The Hatening