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Let Me Pencil You In

Hold on let me check the calendar that's in the kitchen where I organize my entire life

Yeah I Got A Girlfriend, But She Lives Out Of Town

How long would you drive, on the regular, for some loving?

Today Was Not Only A Good Day, But The Best Day

Nothing will ever be better than this, so why bother

Go On, Pull The Trigger

You ain't cut out for this life

Yo What's Up Jealousy

Look, I'm just saying, when y'all hangout I feel like ....

No One Makes This Better Than My Mom

This has been passed down for generations

Calling Your Parents Your Roommates Is So Sick

Its just until I get back on my feet

If You Thought Concession Stands Were Expensive At The Ballpark …

Something about brown acid

No Running

Y'all better wait like 30 minutes or whatever before you jump in

On The Low End Of The Dial

17th caller will get free tickets to the annual chili cookoff this weekend


Everything was so much easier before catfish

Put Your Sister On The Phone

Hold on real quick I got someone on the other line

This is My First Time

When a boy becomes a boy who has had sex

I Mean I'll Do It, I Guess

Look we just have to show face for like an hour, then we can dip out

Let Me Get Your Shorts

Remember the first time you smoked a menthol?

Happy Birthday America

Y'all better be careful with those fireworks

I Wouldn't Be Caught Dead Wearing That

Look, it takes a whole lot of effort to look this

The Guestening 1

On the first installment of The Guestening super producer Andrew comes on to talk about working on creative projects with friends

Mr. Clean Enough

How many people masterbate to the Brawny guy?

I'm A Million Different People

What kind of girl do you take me for?

It's Getting Hot In Here

Summertime sadness, even though I'm also sad during the other seasons too

Full Contact Murder Gymnastics

What is real, really?

I Got You A Little Something

Honestly, real shit, have you ever used a gift receipt?

Snake Eyes

Yo blow on my dice real quick dude

If You Have To Ask The Price

Look I just need $2.34 to catch the last bus to Richmond, if you give me your address...

Pools Open

I'll eat like 8 hotdogs for you

Remember Using Chill Tubes?

Trust me, my dad is chill as long as we don't wake him up

Clean Up, Aisle 6

You know why they always have flowers up front, right?

Go On, You Deserve It

Get stoned and go to the spa, trust me, it rocks

The Hatening